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KAATSU Master 2.0 Package

KAATSU Master 2.0 Package

  • For commercial, institutional, hospital, therapeutic and medical applications
  • Optional Masimo MightySat™ Finger Pulse Oximeter 
  • Dual air compressors so each limb can be simultaneously inflated to different pressures
  • Bluetooth enabled tablet-based form factor with automatic storage of usage data in cloud

Existing Specialists - Monthly payment starts at month 25 for warranty and connectivity
+ $50.00 after 25 months

Group Model - Monthly payment starts at month 25 for warranty and connectivity
+ $50.00 after 25 months

Individual Model - Monthly payment starts at month 25 for warranty and connectivity
+ $25.00 after 25 months

KAATSU Cycle 2.0

KAATSU Cycle 2.0

  • Exercise, recover and rehabilitate anywhere anytime
  • Offers KAATSU Cycle and KAATSU Training modes
  • Ultra compact, ultralight, durable
  • Utilizes precise, computer-controlled limb pressure on both arms, or both legs
  • The pneumatic elastic bands can be “untethered” from the KAATSU unit and are waterproof, for use in the pool
  • Utilizes original KAATSU know-how
  • US patent #9,775,619

    1-yr warranty on device, 6 mo on bands

    2-yr warranty on device, 6 mo on bands

    Does not include bands

    Buying KAATSU becomes easier.  Pay over time - up to 24 months.

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    KAATSU Air Bands

    KAATSU Air Bands

    • Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes
    • Enables KAATSU to be done anywhere at anytime doing anything
    • Pneumatically-controlled air bladders and baffles enable uniform pressure and safe usage
    • 2 leg and 2 arm bands use for upper body, lower body and core applications
    • Can be used for dry land training and in the water for Aqua training.

    1 Pair of Arm Bands

    1 Pair of Leg Bands

    2 Pairs (1 Pair of Arms, 1 Pair of Legs)

    Masimo MightySAT™ Pulse Oximeter

    Masimo MightySAT™ Pulse Oximeter

    • Hospital-grade technology captures oxygen saturation, pulse rate, perfusion index and respiration rate
    • Enables real-time data to be displayed on KAATSU Master 2.0 and captured in KAATSU database
    • Data can be tracked on mobile app


    KAATSU Specialist Certification Program

    KAATSU Specialist Certification Program

    $250 per person for individuals and organizations, companies, groups and teams that want to have KAATSU Specialists certifications for staff to offer KAATSU to users of their organizations.

    Specialist Certification

    KAATSU Connector Tubes

    KAATSU Connector Tubes

    Cycle 2.0

    Master 2.0


    KAATSU Charger

    KAATSU Cycle 2.0 Charger currently unavailable

    KAATSU Charger

    KAATSU Cycle 2.0 Charger

    KAATSU Master 2.0 Charger

    KAATSU Nano Charger

    Cycle 2.0 Case

    Cycle 2.0 Case

    • Protective case
    • Silicone
    • Not waterproof