Breaking News: Co-founder and CEO of KAATSU won the coveted SCAR Buckle for being the fastest male swimmer. How? KAATSU Training.

Affiliate Program


Affiliate Program

KAATSU is proud to offer our loyal customers an opportunity to become an affiliate partner. Our affiliate partners can receive commission and discounts on KAATSU products and early access to information regarding product updates, release dates, and breaking KAATSU research. Our program is free to join and easy to sign up. Complete the form below to learn more about our program and become a KAATSU affiliate partner.

To become an affiliate, you have to complete the KAATSU specialist course. If you have not completed the course, please click here to purchase the course.  

If you have completed the course, please fill out the form below:

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$699.95 Device only $999.95 Full package with 4 KAATSU Air Bands
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KAATSU Air Bands BFR Device

KAATSU Air Bands

FROM $150.00
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  • Light, portable, and easy to use while exercising, moving, rehabilitating, and traveling
  • Universally used with the preset, customizable, and progressive KAATSU Cycle and Constant Modes 
  • Bands can be universally utilized with any KAATSU equipment 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Sizes come in S, M, L, and XL