Breaking News: Co-founder and CEO of KAATSU won the coveted SCAR Buckle for being the fastest male swimmer. How? KAATSU Training.

Our Team

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Professor Sir Dr. Yoshiaki Sato
Professor Sir Dr. Yoshiaki Sato MD, PhD, Inventor & Patent Holder
Steven Munatones
Steven Munatones CEO & Co-founder
Richard Herstone
Richard Herstone COO & Co-founder
John Doolittle
John Doolittle Chief Revenue Officer
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan Chief Performance Officer
David Chao, MD
David Chao, MD Chief Medical Officer
Cory Keirn, DPT
Cory Keirn, DPT KAATSU Chief Educator
Anthony Kim
Anthony Kim Chief Technology Officer
Dan Wegner
Dan Wegner Chief IT Officer
Rafael Polendo
Rafael Polendo Chief Creative Officer
Peter Lansbury, PhD
Peter Lansbury, PhD Chief Scientific Officer
David Tawil
David Tawil KAATSU Master Specialist
Robert Heiduk
Robert Heiduk KAATSU Master Specialist & KAATSU Author
Kate Glover
Kate Glover Business Development and Marketing
Borja Muńiz, PhD
Borja Muńiz, PhD Scientific Advisor
Megan Johnston
Megan Johnston IT Project Manager
William Ursprung, PhD
William Ursprung, PhD Researcher & KAATSU Specialist
Joe Lowrey
Joe Lowrey U.S. Army Green Beret Sgt. First Class, (Retired), and KAATSU Ambassador
Christina Newman
Christina Newman KAATSU Ambassador
Laurel Kuzins
Laurel Kuzins KAATSU Functional Mobility Ambassador
William Branum
William Branum KAATSU Master Specialist
Peter Lakatos
Peter Lakatos KAATSU Master Instructor
Kevin Edgerton
Kevin Edgerton CPT, U.S. Army (Retired) and KAATSU Specialist and Ambassador
Rob Bollinger
Rob Bollinger COL, U.S. Army (Retired) and KAATSU Master Specialist
Peter F. Demitry
Peter F. Demitry Executive Director - National Foundation for Integrative Medicine (
Dr Lyle Nalli
Dr Lyle Nalli Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
Bill Tricarico
Bill Tricarico App Developer
Michael Renteria
Michael Renteria KAATSU Specialist and Ambassador
David Swensen
David Swensen KAATSU Specialist and Ambassador

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