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Improve Performance at Home, Work and Sports

KAATSU® is the pioneer in the BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) market with the longest track record of safety, research, and success. Its pressure system is versatile and is used for recovery, rehabilitation and training.

KAATSU Global established the BFR market and remains its leader. Its equipment is used globally for recovery, rehabilitation and training applications among people from all walks of life with a wide variety of abilities and disabilities.

Read the profiles of these KAATSU users to find out how KAATSU has helped them achieve their goals:

Michael Andrew
Laura Wilkinson

Athletes Michael Andrew and Laura Wilkinson

Joseph Lowrey
John Doolittle

Joseph Lowrey and John Doolittle

Tina Newman
Laurel Kuzins

Tina Newman and Laurel Kuzins

Dave Carlson
Joseph Lowrey

Dave Carlson and Joseph Lowrey

Robert Griswold
Jamal Hill

Robert Griswold and Jamal Hill