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Muscle fatigue, inflammation, and soreness can set in whether you just finished a hard workout or competition. You can experience jet lag, lethargy, and insomnia after getting off a long airflight. Recovery is a crucial component of any active lifestyle and using KAATSU to enhance blood circulation and resetting your physiology will help your body feel its best in a shorter period of time.

The convenient, gentle and precise KAATSU Cycle done in the passive mode - or with light multi-joint movements - is a patented modality that helps resolve these physiological issues. Resetting your circadian rhythm and efficiently and effectively removing metabolic waste with the automated KAATSU Cycle is a unique feature of KAATSU equipment.

Michael Andrew
Michael Andrew
Michael Andrew

World champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, Michael Andrew, using the KAATSU Cycle mode to recover between preliminary heats and finals in his hotel room by effectively removing metabolic waste after racing.

Activate your parasympathetic nervous system while getting a facial or before a massage or before a sauna.

Recover faster from travel, training, and competition

Recovery is a largely overlooked edge to improve athletic performance and long-term physical wellness. KAATSU works as both a low-impact warm-up and a dynamic way to optimize your body's recovery so you can perform at your best every time you step on the field, gym, workout mat, treadmill, return from the office, or a long hike or bike ride.

The International Olympic Committee Sports Medicine Commission approves KAATSU as a form of recovery for Jet Lag.

One of the more unique, useful, and non-intuitive applications of KAATSU is for jet lag mitigation across multiple time zones and recovery from fatigue due to traveling long distances.

When you do conservative KAATSU Cycle sets before, during and/or after your long-haul travel, natural physiological adaptations occur and your circadian rhythm can be effectively reset.

This has major implications for athletes traveling to international competitions, military personnel being deployed in foreign lands, and business people traveling to international conferences and meetings.

The value is immense when athletes, military personnel, and business people can avoid drowsiness and disruptions to their eating patterns, sleep, mood, and cognition in their new location due to jet lag.

By engorging the limbs in blood and with simple movement or isometric exercises on the arms or legs while traveling, mTOR signaling pathways are stimulated which helps with cognitive functions, and intermittent local hypoxia in the limbs helps with the circadian rhythm misalignment.

Ideally, Progressive KAATSU Cycle sets should be performed within an hour before your intended bed time in your new location. Movement should be very casual and easy; nothing hard or vigorous is recommended. Vigorous use of KAATSU before your bed time will lead to adrenaline rushes. In contrast, Progressive KAATSU Cycle sets should relax you - like a nice warm bath before bed.

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The recommended protocols for optimal benefit include:

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