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KAATSU Podcasts

KAATSU Podcasts

Dr. Joseph Mercola with Steven Munatones: The History of Blood Flow Moderation Training

Gamal Awad Talks KAATSU

Jonty Skinner Talks KAATSU

Tina Newman Talks KAATSU

Dave Carlson Talks KAATSU (Part 2)

Dave Carlson Talks KAATSU (Part 1)

Exclusivia Talks KAATSU with Steven Munatones

Exclusivia Talks KAATSU With John Doolittle

Andre Metzger Talks "9 Hands"

Will Branum Talks KAATSU

Chris Morgan with ASCA

Chris Morgan Talks KAATSU

Art Levine (Straight Talk) Talks KAATSU

Siim Land Discusses KAATSU

Dr. Mercola Talks KAATSU

Ben Greenfield Fitness: The Official KAATSU Episode

Looking for a Great "After-Workout" Warm Down?

Blood Flow Moderation is NOT Blood Flow Restriction

Former U.S. Navy SEAL and Special Forces Operator John Doolittle

Green Beret Joe Lowrey